Robotic Application

Bumper painting system

Robot including Potential Isolator, Color changer and pig package

Robot painting with high rotation bells

We integrate painting robots from all robot manufacturers into our systems.

HollowWrist are preferably used to ensure an even and reproducible painting result. The robots are equipped with 6 or 7 freely programmable axes.

Furthermore, this concept significantly increases the “first run rate”. Since there are no freely moving hoses above or next to the workpieces, we can rule out surface damage that could result from falling down dried overspray or contact.

The systems are coordinated with a user-friendly and intuitive user interface, which ensures that the worker has a constant overview of the current painting process and the system status.

Robot systems are also characterized by the fact that they offer significantly greater flexibility than conventional “automatic motion machines” (1-axis/2-axis reciprocators). This can be seen again and again in an optimal orientation angle to the workpiece surface, the targeted triggering on the component edges, which can reduce paint loss by approx. 10-15%. Cleaning processes can also be implemented in smaller gaps and the cleaning medium is collected and removed in dump containers and not into the spray booth.

Together with the paint dosing technology, pigging technology, circular or stich lines, potential isolators with high voltage, atomizers and the system control, we plan, design and assemble the entire system.

A typical robot application with color changes for small parts can run according to the following scheme:

We calculate and plan the best concept for your application. When painting bicycle frames, for example, a mix of painting robots and 1-axle reciprocator is often the best choice. A highly efficient disc system ensures high transfer efficiency with good penetration in deep recesses and a painting robot ensures the pre-coating of the “complicated” areas of the component.

There are several options for bumper and body coating Multiaxis robots with different atomizers (bell and pistol atomizers) are required.

Use our experience and our technical center/laboratory for your coating requirements!