Atomizer cleaning

Crystal Cap Atomizer Cleaner incl. Dryer for Robot Paints

Since 1993, Crystal Cap has set the standard for non-contact cleaning of air caps and atomizers. With over 250 units sold in Germany alone, the Cleaner ‘s patented cleaning system , an impeller rotating in the housing, has become established.

The cleaner can be configured for ALL paint guns and atomizers on the market. Only 3 connections for compressed air and detergent keep the effort for installation and programming low. A version for 2K materials is also available as an option, with an additional flushing ring for the interior of the cleaning device.

Crystal Cap Cleaner for high rotation bells

Selection of different versions

With the best possible cleaning of the air cap or atomizer, Crystal Cap offers the conditions for trouble-free, high-quality painting.

The system offers the following advantages:

  • low air and detergent consumption
  • short cleaning time
  • increased IO quota
  • extremely low spare parts costs
  • practically maintenance-free use
  • Manual cleaning of the air caps is no longer necessary
  • no wear on air caps due to manual, abrasive cleaning

We offer you a free presentation of the cleaner in your home and configure the device according to your wishes!

Lactec represents Crystal in Germany with the respective distribution rights. The service is also carried out by Lactec.