Painting technical center

Painting Laboratory Center “Conventional”

Bell and gun sprayer on mast

Painting Laboratory Center “Robot coating”

Robot paint booth

Define paint and system parameters

Our laboratory center serves

  • Painting system operators to test new paints, new system technology and change painting parameters
  • Paint manufacturers to test paint properties using a wide variety of atomizer and paint conveying technologies
  • Lactec to check painting technology concepts for feasibility, test new developments and organize training courses.

Lactec has a lot of experience in painting technology, but “try makes smart” still applies! We build systems for general industry and for painting plastic parts for the automotive industry. The highest requirements in painting technology exist here. Nevertheless, we know that it is better to test theoretical knowledge in practice before problems arise during commissioning or generally when operating painting systems.

In our laboratory we can test many parameters. Please contact us if you would like to carry out painting tests. We will discuss our options with you in detail in advance and plan the pilot test with you.

We are flexible and make many things possible. If you do not find yourself in the following list of our standard laboratory equipment, you can still ask us whether we can make your experiments possible:

Paint supply:

  • Insulated or grounded 1K / 2K to the floor reciprocator maximum 7m distance and to the disc system 26m
  • Pressure vessels / gear pumps / double diaphragm pumps, application rates 0-800 ml/min, container sizes min 1 L max 30 L

Conveyor technology:

  • Ceiling conveyor 0-6 m/min / floor conveyor 0-4 m/min / counter rotation 0-30 rpm
  • Disc application: Omega diameter 1200 and 1600 rotating or rotate 1×180° / 3×90°


  • Lifting speed 0-500 mm/sec with or without lifting delay
  • Stroke from floor 450 mm to 2100 mm
  • Turning Speed HiBlow Bell max 40000 rpm


  • Stroke from floor 450 mm to 2300 mm
  • Lifting speed 0-500 mm/sec with or without lifting delay
  • Speed max 1100 rpm


  • Betabell HiBlow , AGMD pistol, hand application, Alphadisk, disc system
  • Bell diameter from 30 mm to 70 mm
  • Disc diameter Powerdisk from 250 mm to 450 mm
  • Disc diameter Alphadisk from 100 mm to 150 mm

Robot :

  • 1K/2K bell application, gun application with high voltage or grounded
  • Application speed of 0-2000 mm/sec
  • Individual programs (part-dependent)
Labtest bumper painting


  • D = 1200mm x W = 1200mm x H = 1800mm
  • Temperature min 30° max 210°

Pigging systems:

  • We have test systems for 8mm, 12mm and 16mm available for a wide range of applications.

Labtests require a considerable amount of effort, which is why we cannot carry out most experiments free of charge. We would be happy to make you an offer if we can estimate the effort.