Pig system EasyPig

In a so-called EasyPig system, which has a simple process structure, a line intended for special paint is filled with the paint to be processed.

A pig is pushed in front of the applied paint and remains in a parking station at the end of the paint line. The cable is routed past the delivery points (color changers) to be supplied.

After the special color has been processed, all of the paint in the line/hoses is pushed back into its paint container with the help of compressed air that acts on the pig. The line is then empty and can be flushed automatically.

An EasyPig system is useful if the pipe content is not too large and the amount of paint required for filling is in an acceptable ratio to the paint supply and there is still enough paint left for processing.

The EasyPig systems are adapted to customer requirements, i.e. the paint supply racks and the pig parking and sending stations are available for 30L hobbocks, barrels or containers. With the EasyPig, the pig’s position is detected using sensors, and a higher-level control automatically sends the pig through the paint line. There is also the manual version called BluePig . Here the operator sends the pig through the pipes at the push of a button.

A description of a BluePig system you find here.